I offer individual meetings and classes for groups through online platforms. Individual work is rich and productive.
And in groups, I find that people learn so much from each other, and benefit from developing relationships with others on a similar path.  


Individual meetings

Individual sessions are an invaluable support for personal inquiry and investigation, clearing and unwinding holding patterns in the body, clarifying purpose and path, and addressing life and relationship challenges. Following many years in a traditional therapy context, evolution has been increasingly toward embodied approaches for healing and spiritual path work, with traditional psychotherapy elements interwoven with mindfulness and meditation.  

Mindful awareness is a personal practice which provides rich resources for moving through the layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, and judgment that prevent us from being truly connected to others. Mindfulness allows us to be present in each moment and fully experience our own thoughts and feelings. When we bring awareness into the body, we discover that we are holding pain and self beliefs that have been accumulating throughout our lives. By creating the space and stability to allow emotions safely to emerge and move through, these old patterns begin to unwind and release. Tapping into the body’s wisdom, we discover the freedom and riches of the true self that has been hidden beneath the layers.

Often the first step on this path is developing an attitude of compassion for ourselves. When we are relating to ourselves with criticism and harsh judgments, our current patterns are held in place. When we understand the conditioning and experiences that created our patterns of responding, and see them as the survival mechanisms they are, we can be more gentle with ourselves. Carl Rogers wisely said, "The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

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Class:  Awakening through embodiment and relationship

I am offering an online class for small groups to learn together skills for embodiment, and bringing embodied awareness and mindfulness skills to relationships. I am currently forming two classes. One is for individuals who wish to have the shared experience of learning skills for embodied awareness, and mindful awareness in relationships. The content is useful for all kinds of relationships, including partner relationships, family relationships, friendships, and colleague relationships. There will be an opportunity for coming to know each other and learning from others' experience.  

The other group is for couples, which will include mindful communication skills for couples and meditations in pairs. The content will focus primarily on the intimate relationship, although the skills are relevant to all relationships. There will be an opportunity to know and learn from the other couples in the group.

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