There is a path to living with ease of body and peace of mind,
a path to releasing barriers so we can love freely.

The path is becoming aware of habitual ways we separate ourselves,
inhabiting the body so old holding patterns unwind,
cultivating the capacity for emotion to move through.

This is how we have the courage to look directly at truth.

This is how we can open to connecting from our deepest, truest self.



We all long for connection and relationship, yet the hurts we have experienced in our lives, the unmet needs, have created protective patterns that often prevent us from experiencing the connection we long for. One way of viewing the purpose of this human life is that we are here to love freely, to connect from the truest place within ourselves, to see the goodness in others and reflect it back to them.  




I offer individual meetings as well as classes and retreats to cultivate the skills of increasingly subtle awareness and fully inhabiting the body. These abilities enable us to identify limiting thoughts and physical patterns, allowing the protective layers to fall away. We practice together, and the skills increasingly become available in our relational moments ... in our intimate relationships, with family members, with friends, and at work.   



Here are offered guided meditations, short talks, and links to a variety of teachers, books, and other resources that will help you on your path. If you need help choosing what will serve you best, I'll be glad to make specific recommendations.