An offering for all people who care about the future of the earth and its people

A free, weekly online gathering and meditation to find unity and sustenance in challenging times

Whether you identify as Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or any other faith tradition, whether you identify as Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, or none of the above, wherever you live, and whatever your individual concerns and personal struggles ... if you care, and you believe we are stronger together than divided, you are welcome here.

How are we to respond to this apparent "great unraveling" (to use Joanna Macy’s words) of our country, our democracy, and potentially so much that we hold dear? As is true of every hardship, every tragedy, this is an opportunity for awakening. Yet this is so large in scope, it is sometimes tempting to crawl under a rock or bury our collective heads in the sand. Where do we begin?

  • First, we need to know we are not alone. While the messages around us are persistently divisive, our capacity for stability and empowerment lies in coming together. As divided as things appear right now, ultimately, our survival will depend on realizing we are interdependent and taking care of each other.
  • We must cultivate the emotional capacity to look at truth straight on. It is uncomfortable, and at times deeply painful. We must be willing to feel the discomfort, and that is possible when we face it together. Ultimately, facing it is far more empowering than turning away.
  • We must know and bring focus to what we stand for, rather than what we are against. Being against drains our energy. Being for what we believe in is sustained by passion and compassion.
  • When we are in disagreement, we must focus on actions and deeds, rather than the people themselves. When we spend a lot of time watching and listening to people who are doing harm to others, we can get caught in their energy. Reporting that sensationalizes conflict can pull us into the frequency of hatred and divisiveness. When we focus on the issues, the actions, and the truth, we can respond by bringing focus back to what we stand for.
  • We must meet fear, hatred, and divisiveness with love and compassion. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” We must cultivate within ourselves compassion and love for the earth and all its beings. This, too, we can do together.  

This is how we sustain ourselves for the long run — together, with compassionate open hearts, looking at truth directly. You are invited to join a free, online, weekly gathering and meditation to support these aspirations.

I hope you will join whenever you are able. There is no obligation to commit to regular attendance. My aspiration is to hold space for being with difficult emotions, for cultivating compassion, and for recognizing our interdependence.  

May this gathering empower and sustain people in the actions they are taking, may it support us in working together rather than divided, and may we all keep our hearts open.  

The details:
Every Thursday at 5:30pm MT (4:30pm PT; 7:30pm ET)


Use this link to access the gathering (same link each week):

Sign in anytime during the first 15 minutes. After you enter the webinar, please type into the "Chat" your first name, geographic location, and the concerns that are most on your heart and mind. This is a webinar format, so your presence will be known to other attendees only by what you enter in the chat. Expressing your concerns here will create a sense of community and will allow me to be responsive with my offering. You can take this time to peruse others' concerns and to respond to others in the chat format.

After fifteen minutes for gathering, I will offer a brief message and meditation (25 -30 minutes), sharing skills for listening with the ears of the heart to different perspectives, responding skillfully to our own and others' difficult emotions, and for inquiring into how we can live authentic lives aligned with what we believe and value. 

Join any week, as often as you can.