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Sangha Forming: Finding the barriers to loving freely

We are defined by the roles we have learned so well, the beliefs so deeply conditioned, the ways of being so intrinsic to how we relate to the world. The more core these beliefs are, the more difficult they are to see clearly. They are the water we swim in. 

How do we begin to unwind our essential being from the water we swim in?

How do we come fully into ourselves so we can truly connect with others?

You are invited to join this experience of meditation, individual reflection, and dyadic and group exploration to “seek and find the barriers within yourself, and love them.” With awareness and kind investigation, the barriers begin to fall away, opening us to the possibility of deeper, more authentic connection.

This is a deepening practice sangha for those who have an established awareness practice and an ability to stay with emotion. If you would like to join this sangha, please schedule a no-fee appointment or be in touch by email.

Meeting online by Zoom videoconference Wednesday evenings, beginning September 25, 2019, for 9 weeks (no class Oct 18 or Nov 27). Final class Dec 4.

Meeting length, 2 hours with 10 minute break. Exact time will be negotiated based on time zones of participants. Limited to 8 participants. Cost: $230.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it … and love them.”   - Rumi