Small group series: Integrating meditation, mindfulness, and embodiment into work with clients

Offering small group series for therapists who have a well-developed personal awareness and embodiment practice, regardless of the specific tradition, and who are interested in integrating the spiritual path into therapy.  


Series 1: Cultivating healing presence

  • Stability and steadiness

  • Deep listening

  • Open, compassionate heart

  • Non-judging perception

  • Seeing inherent goodness

This module focuses on cultivating the capacities for facilitating healing and growth. As we inhabit these qualities of stability, compassionate presence, non-judging perception, and seeing goodness, we set the frequency in the room. We hold a space in which it is possible for clients to soften toward themselves and see their own goodness. We can reflect essential goodness even as we recognize wounding and suffering. We see and reflect, again and again, each person's inherent wholeness. These qualities develop in us as we deepen into our own practice and are able to offer them to ourselves.

Series 2: Guiding clients to awareness of their inner experience

The wisdom of the body and its capacity for unwinding difficult emotions is an invaluable resource for personal freedom. By guiding our clients inward in meditative awareness, we can help them learn the skills to be aware of thoughts arising, to notice the relationship between thoughts and feelings, and to process emotion through the body without overwhelm. Clients become progressively more empowered to manage their own inner life in the course of their lives. We can also provide resources and support clients in developing their own meditation and mindfulness practice.

Series 3: Teaching self-kindness, self-compassion, and self-acceptance

The most challenging barrier to clients' growth is self-criticism and self-judgment. In the atmosphere of compassionate presence, and with the skills of inner awareness, these layers of criticism and judgment begin to fall away. This is a significant turning point, and one which deserves specific attention.


Each 90-minute meeting will include teachings and guided experiences as well as discussion of your clients and how you might integrate these elements. Group size limited to 12.  

Please contact me by sending me a message if you are interested in participating. Tell me something about your own daily awareness practice. I am happy to arrange a time to speak by phone and answer your questions.  

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