Individual meetings

Individual sessions are a valuable support for personal inquiry and investigation, clearing and unwinding holding patterns in the body, clarifying purpose and path, and addressing life and relationship challenges. Following many years in a traditional therapy context, my evolution has been toward embodied approaches for healing and spiritual path work, weaving together traditional psychotherapy elements with mindfulness, meditation, and the unwinding of held energy patterns in the body. I ask my clients to cultivate an awareness practice and to work daily with tracking what is arising within. I have found that regular awareness practice dramatically enhances the effectiveness of our work together.

Mindful awareness is a personal practice which provides rich resources for moving through the layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, and judgments. When we bring awareness into the body, we discover that we are holding pain and self beliefs that have been accumulating throughout our lives. By creating the space and stability to allow emotions safely to emerge and move through, these old patterns begin to unwind and release.

Often the first step on this path is developing an attitude of compassion for ourselves. When we are relating to ourselves with criticism and harsh judgments, our current patterns are stuck. When we understand the conditioning that created our patterns of responding, and see them as the survival mechanisms they are, we can be more gentle with ourselves. 


For those who live in Colorado where I am licensed as a psychologist, we can classify our work as psychotherapy (whether in person by teleconference) and I can provide a receipt to submit for insurance for reimbursement. I am not a participating provider with any insurance companies, but if you have out of network benefits, insurance generally reimburses a portion of the fee, after your deductible. 

On Mondays, I see clients in person in Boulder (3825 Iris Ave, Suite 250B, Boulder, CO 80301).

Consultations with clients who reside outside of Colorado are considered telephone consultation or coaching, and fall outside of the structures of licensure, which precludes submitting to insurance.  

If there is significant struggle in coping with the challenges of living, and/or there is occasionally a need for emergency support, it is important to have a local therapist who can be accessible for you. I am glad to collaborate with a local therapist in such circumstances, providing support for your meditation and mindfulness practice. If you are unsure whether working remotely is appropriate for you, we can arrange a phone call to discuss.

Appointments can be scheduled here: Online Scheduling. Please be sure to indicate your time zone when you schedule.

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