Working from the wisdom of multiple traditions: embodied meditation, somatic therapy, and mindful awareness ... you are empowered to navigate your own way of healing as you learn the skills to work with strong emotion and reactivity.  


We all long for connection and relationship, yet the hurts we have experienced in our lives, the unmet needs, have created protective patterns that often prevent us from experiencing the connection we long for. One way of viewing the purpose of this human life is that we are here to love freely, to connect from the truest place within ourselves, to see the goodness in others and reflect it back to them.

It takes courage to look directly at truth, and also skill. Whether we are looking at ourselves, our life circumstances, or the earth, sometimes the truth is painful. When we develop the capacity to be with pain, we carve out the space that can also experience great joy. And over time what we see is that the pain moves through more quickly, making more space for peace and contentment and joy. This is not pushing difficulty aside, but abiding with difficulty without becoming it ... the capacity to hold pain and contentment simultaneously.  

It’s essential for living in this crazy, changing, challenging, beautiful world.





I encourage my clients to maintain a personal practice to make the most of the work in individual meetings. For some this is sitting meditation, for some movement meditation such as yoga, tai chi, or qi gong, or walking. Whether you are beginning to develop, or looking for ways to deepen your own practice, I will support you in finding your way in, and meeting challenges that arise. All our work together translates directly to dealing skillfully with life and relationships.