The power of working with the body

Insight and understanding of our developmental history and personal characteristics is a valuable piece of therapy. It helps us to have compassion for how we have become who we are, and it helps us to recognize patterns that are repeating in our lives.

Ultimately it is the feeling in the body that binds us, and working with the body is what frees us. We back away from that makes us uncomfortable, and we are drawn toward that which feels good or familiar. Awareness of how our behavior is influenced by emotions and energy that reside in the body is essential if we are to choose consciously, rather than be directed unconsciously by discomfort and pleasure. In addition, working skillfully with strong emotions in the body allows us to tolerate and ultimately clear difficult emotions, rather than be controlled by them.

The really amazing part of keeping the body at the center of therapy is this: the body knows. Provided with safety and time and space, the felt sense in the body directs the therapy session with incredible efficiency and effectiveness. The wisdom to find our own next step toward wholeness and health is within us. And when the body releases old pains and patterns, they are truly released.

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